The Year of Explore


2014: Unapologetically Authentic.

2015: Learning.

2016: Explore.

The typical New Year’s Resolutions are just not for me. Grand proclamations don’t inspire follow through and cause frustration. Instead I’ve learned to commit to a word or motto that will define the year ahead and become embodied in acts big and small. Levo League recently published an article on this that explains this concept well. 2014 was the year of learning to be unapologetically myself. 2015 became a year of growth and learning from big opportunities, change, and hardships. 2016 is my year of exploration. From exploring my beautiful city to trying new recipes to exploring who I am post-grad and in my new job, I hope to step outside my comfort zone and embrace this word in all that I do. I hope to chronicle bits and pieces of The Explore of Explore on Instagram and this website and invite you to join me as I do so.

So tell me, what word will define your 2016?


Photo Source: Dolomites, Italy by Vadim Sherbakov via, a free stock photo.